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Summer flowers and butterfly


A little toad


Butterfly weed


Stream, ISWMA


A juvenile red-tailed hawk


Indian Pipes


Jack-in-the-Pulpit berries


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Business Meetings of the Board are scheduled for the first Wednesday of most months at 2 p.m. There are no business meetings in July, August, and December. The meetings are generally being held at Greg Bartles’s Maryland Conservation Agency Museum near Boonsboro. However, business meetings may be re-scheduled for alternate days and locations. They are open to the public. If you wish to attend, you may email us for more information.

In 2019, as it has for many years, the Board staffed a booth at the HCC Flower and Garden Show; giving away free trees and lots of information (and other forestry-themed items) about trees, their pests, forests, fire safety, and more. Don’t miss it next year. It has distributed trees to all Washington County Public School second graders to commemorate Maryland Arbor Day, participated in spring planting of trees, the re-measurement of listed big trees, and the finding and measurement of new ones. We have one NRCC candidate and are hoping for one more.

In 2018 the Board participated in the completion of the tree identification signage of the Green Trail in Greenbrier State Park. This was a cooperative effort between the Park and the Forestry Board that should convey many benefits to the Park’s visitors.

In partnership with the Frederick County Forestry Board, this Board hosted a Spotted Lanternfly Workshop on December 14, 2018 at Fox Haven Farm and Learning Center.

Earlier in 2018 Forestry Board participated in the 2018 HCC Flower and Garden Show, giving away free tree seedlings and lots of forest related posters, information sheets and other items. The board also provided seedling trees to all Washington County public school second graders for Maryland Arbor Day and measured 3 new nominated Big Trees. The Board developed tree identification signage and a brochure for the Green Trail at Greenbrier State Park which has been put in place. It judged submissions for the statewide Maryland Arbor Day Poster Contest and checked in on and performed maintenance at the many tree plantings in which the Board has been involved throughout the years.

NRCC. The Board received numerous applicants for the 2018 Natural Resources Careers Camp, July 22-28, and has approved four applicants to attend. Some Washington County student comments are posted on the NRCC page, and others here. This is an annual event scheduled for the last full week of July.

The Board planted more native American chestnut trees in 2015, adding to the four groves planted since 2010. continuing its participation in the ongoing effort to restore this magnificent and ecologically important tree. Board members also participated in collecting chestnut seeds in September, 2013 & September 2015 & 2016. With help from our board, restoration chestnut seedling were planted in Greenbrier and Fort Frederick State Parks and on one of the Board member’s property. Native seedlings found in the local forest were transplanted to an orchard for possible future use in the resistance breeding program of the Maryland Chapter of the American Chestnut Foundation.

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A summer storm


2 Young copperhead snakes


A reforesting field