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The Washington County Forest Conservancy District Board promotes the awareness, stewardship, conservation, restoration, and sustainable use of the forest resources of Washington County, Maryland. It is a volunteer organization that provides the citizens and local governments of Washington County with a variety of opportunities to learn about the trees and forest resources of Maryland. The Washington County Board is part of the State Association of Forest Conservancy District Boards, which includes forestry boards from all 23 counties and Baltimore City. The forestry boards were established in 1943 by an act of the Maryland Legislature to assist the Maryland Forest Service with policy issues and the promotion of forest conservation.

This website was created and is maintained as an educational resource. Our pages are intended to be brief overviews of their subjects, with many links to other on-line resources for those wishing to learn more. We hope that you will visit our many pages and walk often in the beautiful woodlands of Washington County.


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Eastern Cottonwood


Contact Information:

Washington County Forestry Board

14038 Blairs Valley Road

Clear Spring, MD 21722

E-mail - wcfb@myactv.net

Yellow Poplar